Passionist Family Groups have been an integral part of parish life at St. Peter’s in Beckenham for the past 18 years. Seven groups, each with 20-25 people and with ages ranging from children to seniors, meet once a month for a social gathering. Belying the purely social nature of the gathering is the bonding and friendship that forms over an extended period and the support the group is eventually able to offer each other in times of need and celebration.

One of the ideal family group events is to get away together for a weekend occasionally. St. Peter’s Rock Group recently went to Mesopotamia Station up the headwaters of the Rangitata River for the weekend. One of the highlights of the weekend in the high country was a liturgy on the Sunday morning gathered around the fireplace with the teenagers in the group providing the accompanying music.



  • The Sunday liturgy was gathered around the fire with the group’s teenagers providing the music.