It is easy to find ourselves being overwhelmed with all of the news about the corona virus and the uncertainty it is creating. At the very time we need the support of other people we are being encouraged to isolate and/or keep our distance!  This means that we need to be creative in coming up with other ways to stay in touch and encourage and support each other.

  •  Engage the telephone tree we talked about so many times in the past. If yours is not set up then get it set up:  Everyone in your group, whether a regular attender, or not, has someone in the group to call every week.  Notify your group members who they need to call, and ask them to let their coordinator know of any needs they might find, loneliness, fear, isolation, shopping, medication transport, etc.  Encourage conversation by sharing your favourite holiday, book, movie, or what you wanted to be when you grew up?
  • Zoom,, messenger, viber, whatsapp, and houseparty apps are all social media ways to stay connected.  Arrange a date for drinks and nibbles through zoom conferencing, connect the children in your group and have them play games together using house party. Make time to pray together.
  • Families – spend time sharing stories of when you were most happy, scared, sad, or your funniest moment etc.
  • Live stream a Mass then phone someone and discuss the homily or readings … share something that especially spoke to you.
  • Each time you connect with others make a time/day when you will next connect.
  • Get your group to write a message or draw pictures to send to those in rest homes who no longer can have family come to visit.

There are many more suggestions and resources online.  Each Diocese in New Zealand is streaming Masses. Check out their webpages.

You can register to receive a weekly newsletter called ‘United’ from Palmerston North Dio which has great ideas for families, those working from home, prayers and much more.

The Passionists Holy Spirit Province which includes New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea are also streaming Masses:

Visit: there are two links to Passionist Masses each sunday.

In the Search engine type – The Passionists: HS  (Mass at Marrickville, Sydney)
        (Mass at Templestowe, Melbourne)
and to conclude:  We keep each of you in our prayer.  Stay well physically and mentally and pray for our essential works,  those supporting others, those in decision making positions, the sick, and those working for a vaccine.
We would love to hear your stories too:  email: