Our Passionist family group decided to cook a meal for the families at Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch in October 2015. It is the first time our group has done this but it is unanimous that we will be going back again this year. We had a busy evening cooking for the families in the house and plating up 17 meals for families who were unable to be at the house at dinner time. We made a sausage pasta dish and sticky date pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream for dessert. We held a children’s music group while dinner was being prepared for the many children in the house. Our own children coped admirably with the chopping, dicing, grating and mixing to help out. Not only do my family know on a personal level how wonderful it is to have a meal cooked for you when you are in the house with a sick child in the hospital down the road, doing this for others was a true blessing for our children – service to others is a gift I wanted to give them. We received a lovely thank you card from the families in the house.

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