Dear Linda and Paul, Mary-Ellen and John

Please know of our thoughts and prayers for those killed and their families in Christchurch.  Please let our Passionist family there know they are all in our prayers here in Australia.

What a terrible, terrible day.

Tom McDonough CP

Dear Murray and Aileen, and all our Kiwi family,

From St. Anthony in the Fields Family Groups, we send an abundance of  love and prayers to you. The recent unfathomable tragedy has kept you close in our hearts.  As we are hearing over and over, it is a time for love, not hate and we are sending a mountain of LOVE and prayers to you.

Collectively, our hearts cry for all the loving families who are  directly affected by such an act of violence and for the entire country which is now in another kind of survival mode. You strong and brave Kiwis have struggled and survived so much, and I know God will help you once more rise above this tragedy.

Of all the places in the world, your city, your country,  does not deserve this horrendous act of evil. New Zealand is the most beatufiul country in so many ways, but especially in the heart of the kind, caring and friendly people. I also know, without a doubt,  that this is how the rest of the world has always seen NZ.

After all the shock, devastation, loss of life and aftermath of the 2011 earthquakes, it is difficult to imagine how everyone can come to terms with this recent cowardly attack. But seeing your people reaching out, embracing and loving other human beings has brought many a tear, and we know you will survive once again. You need good Good News and I pray you may find it in all the love and caring being displayed from around the world. I especially feel the bond our Family Groups shining out from around the world, reaching out in solidarity and prayer with you.

Now we can, and must, all turn to the most powerful word of our Faith – LOVE.

Kia Kaha,

With love, Barbara


Dear brothers and sisters,

You have our condolences for the senseless violence that struck your nation. Far too often, violence rears its evil head.  It is easy to forget how much good there is in the world, when the news is filled with such violence and hatred. So keep faith, keep on with Family Groups, and know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bob and Kim Lydon

Woolwich Maine


Those of us from Family Groups  North Queensland (Townsville)would like to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time.

Fr Peter’s spirit is alive and well living with us here connecting us with our fellow FG friends in  N Z.

God Bless

Elizabeth & Jeffrey Tillack, FG Coordinators, North Queensland


To our New Zealand family – Our hearts are saddened and feel the pain that  your country is now experiencing.   We, as the Mountaintop Pennsylvania Family groups of St. Jude’s parish would like you to know we stand with you in the heartache you feel.

Please know that you are in our prayers – and we are with you in spirit.  Our condolences in the loss of so many of your countrymen and women – young and old alike.

Sincerely, Kathy and George Yeager, St. Jude Parish, Mountaintop, Pa.  USA

Dear Friends in New Zealand,

Please accept our deep love & sympathy for your tragic  loss of lives of your loved ones in this horrific crime against your people.

Maureen & John Burford

Please know that through this tragedy, there are many praying for the love and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ engulf you and give you comfort.

God Bless, Denise and Jim Timberlake, Auburn, ME,  USA

Immaculate Heart of Mary Family Group Coordinators

All the best xxxxxxxx Shirley Hawkins

Our thoughts & prayers are with the people of Christchurch & their loved ones. Tony & Diana Couper.


Dear Christchurch family group members 

I, too, have some of the same feelings as you about the shooting tragedy in the city. I was raised in Christchurch, went to St Margaret’s College from age 5 till 17 and lived in Merivale.


I am so sorry for the Christchurch people and still find it hard to believe that such an unspeakable action could be carried out in Christchurch of all the peaceful and unlikely places for such an awful event to take place.


And also after all the shock and disaster of the earthquakes, the effects of which some of my friends are still coping with.


I feel deeply sorry for the Muslims and for all those who mourn them.


One more thought; NZ’s PM Jacinta showed an aspect which mirrored an aspect of the best of the population. Her ‘reality’ touched my family in Sydney with her amazing thoughtfulness in everything she did and said.


With deepest sympathy.


Sonya Giuliano (nee Stevens)


Dear Passionist Family Community and all of those effected by the recent
tragedy in your beautiful country.   One month ago we visited Christchurch
and saw the destruction which is still there from some years ago.  The
suffering which must be still felt from then and now, an even greater event
out of the blue.  Your P.M. is so admired here for the wonderful words she
has spoken and we hope the action she and the government take can prevent
another similar event.  We are all feeling vulnerable now as it is so
difficult to track those people with hate in their heart.  We are with you
and our prayers are for you and those so deeply affected.
Peace and love
Andy and Patricia Hayes
St Anthony’s Church
Terrey Hills

Dear NZ cousins

We have been deeply affected by the terrible news of the Christchurch events.We are also extremely impressed by the NZ response led by Jacinta in promoting love and tolerance rather than division.We need more love and tolerance in the world today.

Our thought and prayers are with all New Zealanders at this time.

Very best regards, Ted


Dear brothers and sisters,

I spent a few days with my family in Auckland when we heard of the devastating event in your beautiful city.
My son in-law who is a real ‘tuffy’, struggled with tears and just could not come to terms with it, “I just never thought it is now in our country too”!
Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families, friends and people we have not met in person but who are suffering with loss of life, income and faith I am sure.
May each of their tears turn into a good dead for our fellow Muslim community to bring hope trust and peaceful actions when it would be so easy to give into anger and frustration.
After all we all have the same reason to follow our believe in whichever GOD: love each other
Christiane from St. Anthony’s in the Fields Terrey Hills Australia


Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you in NZ, especially our brothers & sisters in Christchurch. More good things happen in the face of adversity.

May God Bless you all.

Grace & John Owens, St Anthony in the Fields,Terry Hills, NSW


Such a hard and understanably traumatic time for all communities throughout NZ.  We are thinking of you and sending you our love prayers, rainbows and recognizing how Fr. Peter would have tried to ease the pain of our brothers and sisters with his compassion and love.  We  know that he is doing that through all of us.

With love, care and our deep sympathy.

Marg and Paul Casey (Coordinators for Wollongong, South Coast area for NSW.)

We Tony and Marlene Hunt from Dalmeny NSW would like to sincerely offer our deepest simplicity to both the Muslim and all the people of New Zealand for the actions that occurred on the 15 March 2019 and pray that this type of event will never happen again.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this tragic time.  Marg and Paul Casey (Culburra Beach FG, NSW)

Dear Alpaslan and the Amity College Community,

We have been shocked and devastated by the news of the atrocities that have happened in Christchurch last week. I want you to know that we here at Mercy College have been praying for the people of Christchurch who have died and have been injured, and the Muslim Community who is in mourning.

We want you to know that we are standing in solidarity with you as ‘people of the book’ and that we are committed to bringing the central Islamic message of peace into the world.

Please find attached a prayer we have been praying this week in our community and personal messages of solidarity and support from my Year 12 2 Unit SOR students to your Year 12 SOR students. We are thinking of you as a Muslim Community as you unite in your Friday Prayers today.

Prayer for Christchurch, Amity College and the Muslim Community

God of grace and mercy,

We pray for the people of Christchurch and New Zealand.

We pray for the 50 victims who have died in these attacks,

for all those who have been injured and

for the mercy of your eternal love.

We pray for all who mourn, for families, friends, communities, a nation.

We pray for Muslim communities who are grieving

and we pray for understanding and acceptance throughout the world

between peoples of all faiths and none.

O God of many names,

lover of all peoples,

we pray for peace.

Peace in our hearts and homes,

peace in our nations and our world,

the peace of your will,

the peace of our need.

May God bring love and peace in our world


Messages of support and solidarity from Year 12 2 Unit SOR Students

Hello Sisters!

We hope from this devastating time that as a global community we find peace and solace in one another to unify against hatred.

When there are those who threaten peace and harmony in our world, it becomes even more important for all humans to stand together in solidarity regardless of the differences in our cultures and faiths, and focus on the things we have in common, rather than the things that separate us, because in the end: we are the same, and we will stand with you.

In difficult times such as these, in which individuals cause for split and discord, the Mercy community pray for the wellbeing of the students at Amity College and the Muslim community, and send our support and regards to the current events within the world, and we stand as one.

Despite the hate and ignorance of one individual, we are inspired to believe in the importance of community and the strength of our shared desire for peace. We are united and guided by the teachings of our faiths to see beyond the veil of hatred, and seek unity in recognising the love in our world.

We are behind you and stand with you in this time of sadness. You are in our prayers, as we remind ourselves that we are all one community, standing together to overcome this hatred.

In a time of immense grief it has never been so important to realise that a small amount of love counteracts the hate that motivated this crime. Our hearts go out to everyone affected and we must stand together in solidarity to spread peace and positivity.

In this time of hardship, our hearts go out to you who have felt the impact of acts of ignorance,  and hope that we can be instruments of peace to build a future free of bigotry and stand together as one united community of faith, love and understanding.

Not only the Amity girls but all practising Muslims are such peaceful and kind hearted people. Not only here at Mercy but all people of all faiths stand with you as a sign of solidarity and as a sign of strength. We will not let ignorance break the bonds that all religions share, we will focus on what brings us together, not what separates us. We pray for you in this time.

Love Ms Stojanovski and Year 12 2 Unit SOR Students

Dear Adherents of Muslim Faith

I am deeply sorry to hear about what happened on Friday. At the time I was probably in class doing my work little did I know what was happening and when I found out I was filled with sorrow and rage for what happened. Please just know that many people are praying for you guys and your recovery.

Love Jorge (Year 8)

St. Pius X College


You are my friends

Hate will never win

We will find strength through prayer

Through pain we will rebuild stronger

And through darkness we unite

Yours sincerely

Jack (Year 8)

St. Pius X College


Dear Members of Amity College

I am so sorry for what has happened to the Islamic community in New Zealand and hope none of your school members and friends and family where lost in the tragic incident at the mosque in Christchurch. The actions of the man who was raised in our country should not have occurred and on behalf of many young Australians we send our deepest sympathy.

Yours sincerely,

Christiano (Year 8)

St. Pius X College

To the Muslim community of Australia and New Zealand

God of peace:
We pray for those caught up in the events in New Zealand, for those killed and wounded, and for those who will mourn.
We pray for the people of the emergency services as they respond, and for community leaders and faith leaders as they work to heal broken communities.
Soften the hearts of those who are motivated by hate and bring peace to your precious people of New Zealand.

Yours sincerely, Patrick (Year 9)

St Pius X College Chatswood

To the Muslim Community of Australia and New Zealand,

Just wanted to write to you to say that we here at St Pius X College are with you and will stand with you against this horrible act of violence. We all will work together to make sure that this act will hopefully never happen again, and to stop violence. Hate will never win. We are so sorry for what has happened and send your strength.

Yours sincerely,

Tommy (Year 9)

St Pius X College, Chatswood

To the Muslim community of Australia and New Zealand

I hope that you can be resilient and eventually recover from the events of the past week, and stay as positive as you can.

Yours sincerely,

Jarred (Year 9)

St. Pius X College Chatswood

To the Muslim Community of Australia and New Zealand,

I wish you all the best and that you can remain in a good state after the tragic events that have recently occurred. I was really sorry to hear what happened in Christchurch and I hope you all recover from this event and that you are all supporting each other well. These sort of things should never happen. It is so disappointing that a minority of people are just generally bad people, I am so sorry for the actions of those carrying hate. The boys at my school are all praying for your safety and wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas (Year 9)

St. Pius X College Chatswood.


For the Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand,

I am sorry to hear of your suffering. The first thing I heard on Friday was the damage your community had taken from this tragic, horrifying incident.

Nobody should be judged, by their beliefs or opinions. We live in a free world, where peace and equality should exist. Violence is not the answer to anything.

I feel sorrier than ever to hear this.

With all my heart

LucaYear 8

St Pius X College Chatswood

To the Muslim community of New Zealand and Australia,

We are very sorry to hear of these horrible events in New Zealand on Friday. We hope you are able to get through this tough time. You are all in our thoughts and our hearts. As a community we offer our prayers of support and deepest sympathy for all those who have been hurt in Christchurch and the wider Islamic faith.  I feel extremely disappointed by the hatred shown by a few and hope that this act of terrorism is reduced through stricter gun laws and better education for those with extremist views.

Nick (Y12) St Pius X College Chatswood

Dear Adherents of Muslim Faith, especially those in New Zealand and Australia,

I am deeply sorry and can’t imagine what is going on in your life. I can’t say ‘I know’ but I do know that you are going through a hard time because of what happened recently in Christchurch.

Sincere love from Ryan (Year 9), from St Pius X College, Chatswood

Dear all of New Zealand, the friends and families affected, especially all the Muslim community.

As according to recent events in New Zealand, it is indescribable how hard it must be for you to be going through this trauma of your lives, while only just getting out of the event of a devastating earthquake in 2011, destroying Christchurch and killing 185 people. It’s absolutely horrific that a man would not just be against the beautiful diversity in New Zealand, but so much so that he would rid 50 people of their lives because of his hatred of those different to him. The many people in the attack that were killed will never be recovered, but the memories of them will stay throughout the centuries with their families and friends. As your closest neighbour, we will support New Zealand in all the ways that we can possibly do so.  While I am only a student, I send you my prayers and hopes for healing.

From your beloved neighbour in Australia

Callum (Year 8)

St Pius X College Chatswood


To the Muslim community at Amity College Preston and to our neighbours in New Zealand.

“We are all the same.  We are filled with love and goodness.  Man or woman, adult or child, of one God – we are all the same.  We all want to be loved and respected.  Peace and forgiveness is the only way.  Only together – we can make our world better”.

Warm regards,

Oliver & Odette

St Pius X College Chatswood


As my letter towards people of the Muslim faith as a student from St Pius X College, I pray for your safety, mentally and physically. The events that have taken result, really are terrifying, especially how murder on such a scale was committed to a religion, in particular those of the Muslim faith. Studying religion, I find it shocking how one can be ignorant to understanding the beliefs of another and generalise others’ qualities. As a result of what has happened in Christchurch, I hope adherents of the Muslim faith will please not be scared to live out their daily lives true to their own religion. For one to be living in fear and not feeling safe, because of their religion is horrifying to me.

Please be comforted by the fact that we are all praying for you and thinking about you at this pressing time.

Kind regards

Miguel (Y12) St Pius X College

To the students and staff of Amity College

Our thoughts are with everyone of Muslim faith and we prayer to our God and Allah that he watches over you all through this troubling time.

Kind regards

Oliver (Year 12) St Pius x College

My mind and prayers are with you and your families through this time of mourning. I pray that anyone that has passed may rest in peace and their families will remember the good times they have had in their wonderful but short lives. I pray for all the wounded that they may they make a quick recovery and go back to their families. All of New Zealand would be praying for everyone affected by these attacks that they will remember the good times before the attack occurred. It was an unthoughtful and act. The shooter will receive justice as to what he has done. Not just harming the Muslims and the families in Christchurch, but by hurting all Muslims and people of different religions around the world; filling them with fear when all they want to do is pray and communicate with God.

Yours sincerely

John (Year 8)

St Pius X College Chatswood

Dear Students and Staff of Amity College Prestons, and the wider Islamic Community of Australia and New Zealand,

On Friday March 15 we gathered as school to celebrate National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Through reflection, prayers, forum discussion and music we articulated our commitment to create a society that is inclusive, peaceful and respectful for all.  Boys, staff and special guests inspired us to become better humans, who act justly and serve others. Words such as love, kindness, inclusivity, courage, thoughtfulness, action, empathy, respect, understanding and education rang out across our outdoor assembly.

Later on Friday our entire College community fell silent as news from Christchurch filtered through our radio, television and online news bulletins. Each ideal we had celebrated just hours earlier had been challenged in the most traumatic way.  As Australian Christians many of us felt utterly ashamed by this act of terrorism.  As the hours followed we saw the response of the New Zealand Government, the collective efforts of emergency services, the world-wide acts of kindness and incredible response of those at the scene of injury.  People of all denominations and countries pouring out their love and support to the Islamic Community and New Zealand community.  We felt comfort hearing the discussions to restrict gun laws and reduce the threat of future opportunities for violence.

We write knowing that our words do not reverse what happened on March 15. We write to say that we are all bearing witness to your grief and collectively so sorry for what has happened.

We pray that the children and families in your school know that the acts of a few are condemned by many. Australian children all deserve to worship and live freely.  Please share with your children the love and respect we have for them.  Hate has no place in our world. We are all one.

As a College we will be returning again and again to those values expressed in our assembly, we are committed to raising young people who are educated and not ignorant, who are loved and not insecure. May all these wonderful children in our school and yours, emerge to walk a shared path, free from violence.

With love, hope and support.

Pip Waters

Teacher at St Pius X College Chatswood

My prayers go to all the people killed and injured in this attack. As a community our school is praying for your community.

Yours sincerely

Oliver (Year 8) St Pius X College Chatswood