PFGM Regional Representatives,  PFGM Trustees (NZ), Brian Traynor CP via zoom and significant others in the 33 years history of the Movement in New Zealand met together at the Home of Compassion in Wellington for the weekend of 19/20 July 2021.

Passionist Family Groups in New Zealand have been built around teams of people who share leadership roles, supporting and encouraging those who belong to the various groups.

The murmuration of birds provides a lesson for how manageable cooperation within a group enables the individuals to achieve their goal.

Researchers have discovered that

“Each bird in the flock moves independently, but must sense and react to the neighbouring birds”

If birds have learned to do this, why can’t we?

Pope Francis urges us to ‘go to the peripheries’. That prophetic dimension of attending to ‘the little ones’ wherever they are, must not be forgotten.

Commissioning of Paul Traynor

Paul, you have served previously in Brisbane and in New Zealand as a Director of the Movement so you bring many years of experience, expertise and passion. You have worked alongside Linda, Paul, Mary-Ellen and John for the past eighteen months and valued the faith, commitment, wisdom, support and fun, the team has shared. Teamwork is essential for the role.

Paul, we recognise the gifts you bring to this new role and we extend our prayers and support in your efforts to serve the Passionist Family Group Movement.

We ask God’s blessing on you, and assure you of prayers, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We pray that our Passionist Family Groups will reflect the true sense of belonging that draws strangers to become friends.

May our spirituality enable us to constantly celebrate belonging to ‘A Family for All’.  May we continue to recognise and learn that the gospel is lived in community so that we give with compassion and generosity, and receive with humility.

May those who have come seeking a new home, either from another part of our country or from overseas, find a warm welcome among us.

May our parishes be enriched and strengthened by our commitment to one another.

May each one of us be inspired and encouraged to continue our efforts to create a “A Family for All” and so bring God’s kingdom among us –

We pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.