On May 6th Parishioners from Levin, Otaki, Waikanae and Paraparaumu, gathered together for the Passionist Family Movement Formation Day held at Our Lady Of Fatima Church in Waikanae.

Led by Paul Traynor, a dynamic communicator and gifted teacher, this day was both timely and welcome. Coming at a time when parishioners are experiencing ongoing change associated with parish amalgamation, challenges to long held beliefs and disruption to traditional ways of doing things, it was good to have a comfortable forum for asking questions and engaging in discussion.

Beginning with prayer Paul set the theme for the day by turning our minds and hearts back to the gospel and the story of the two disciples on the “Road To Emmaus.” He reminded us that  our lives must be centred in Christ.  Just as the first disciples who faithfully followed Jesus during his earthly life felt lost and bewildered following the resurrection, so too can we. As followers of Christ we are on pilgrimage and are invited to “recognise” Him through faith.

Drawing on the work of well-known author and theologian Karen Armstrong, Paul reminded us that throughout history people of faith have explored many different ways to break bread together, to repent and forgive, and to seek God. This too is our ongoing faith journey.

At days end I felt that there was a sense of rekindling of spirit, of renewed faith in Christ and commitment to the building of our faith communities. Our sincere thanks to Paul and to the Passionist leadership team for organising this day.