With the blessings of Fr Alan Roberts and the Parish Pastoral Council a nominated sub committee was set up to explore ways of supporting and encouraging a closer Parish Community.

After much discernment this committee recommended the Passionist Family Group Movement as a good platform for St Mary’s, so on March 13th 2011 there began with a very great start Passionist Family Groups in St Mary’s – Blenheim.

The preliminary work done by Vicky Raw, Jock Cameron, Kevin Murphy and Judith Kerridge produced a very enthusiastic response.  They gave talks at Masses prior to the set up weekend and communicated regularly with written info to Parishioners on the How and Whys of Passionist Family Groups.  This made the role of the set up team Richard & Sue Gibbs from Wellington, Mary and Ray Firth from Nelson and Linda Darbyshire from Palmerston North very easy.

Linda delivered an excellent homily at both the Masses and Fr Alan is pleased with the response.

After the Sunday Mass those that could, gathered for a shared lunch, after which the new PF groups were read out.  Each group gathered, introduced themselves to one another and shared a brief story. The groups each were inviting and enthusiastic in planning their next activities in which they have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

St Mary’s have started with three groups involving 74 adults and 40 children. Parish Coordinators are Vicky Raw and Jonathan Barlow who have decided to share the role.