Johnsonville Uniting Church is enjoying its 11th year in the Passionist Family Group Movement. With 74% of the congregation involved the pastoral care of the parish operates at a high level.

Sts Peter and Paul – a short walk down the street, guided us into the PFG and now we enjoy a very special relationship with them. The two Parishes meet for studies such as Lenten Studies together and PFG groups join in activities from time to time.

A wide range of activities are covered each month when groups meet. From progressive dinners, port and poetry, ice-cream tastings, picnics, film evenings to joint evenings where all three groups participate in an activity together. Last year a most successful “P” party was held and in a week’s time an ANZAC themed evening is planned. A recent happening was the taking of Pearl aged 92, resplendent in yellow and black face paint, to a Hurricane’s match at the Stadium. Pearl had remarked that she had never been to a rugby match so her group thought she should put this matter right. It was a wonderful Wellington evening and the Hurricanes were victorious over the Stormers so Pearl was regarded as a lucky charm.

Formation Days have proved a highlight for us as we get to meet with PFG group members from across the Wellington Region. Here there are no barriers and we enjoy high level, frank discussions with our Catholic friends.

We are most glad that we have embraced this organisation and look forward to many more years of activity under the umbrella of the PFG.

By Judith Dunlop