Passionist Family Group Gathering Saturday 12 September 2015

Bart Winters Room St Patricks Community Centre 42 Macandrew Road Dunedin


We started the day with a cuppa and chat

Following are notes from the day.

News from Lynn

St Mary’s Hokitika PFG’s 2 groups set up in May

Sumner Our Lady Star of the Sea (now Stella Maris Ferrymead) celebrated their 22 year anniversary.

Update on parishes in Christchurch

Brochures on Passionists Vocations handed out

The Passionists: Holy Spirit Province explained:

ELSPM English Language School for Pastoral Ministry


Theme for the afternoon was FAITH

We both talked about our faith journey.

The questions that were asked and the feedback from them are listed below.

What Does Faith Mean To You?

  • What you believe in
  • Everything
  • Service
  • Caring
  • Believing in something outside yourself
  • Connection with God
  • Expressions of Love
  • Hope
  • Strength
  • Structure
  • Belief
  • Gift
  • Example Growth/ Development
  • Sharing
  • Community
  • Unconditional Love

Where is Faith in your Passionist Family Group?

The group gathered felt that all of the above applied to our PFG’s plus:

  • Other people
  • Culture
  • God being real

Following this session Colin gave us a very interesting talk on churches with an amazing power point. He spoke about the history of churches and their designs; it was very interesting and informative.

Then we spent time in reflection and prayer. Colin and Jan prepared the format that they use with the year 12 students on retreat. This was a very special time where we gave thanks for all involved in PFG’s.

For those that were able to stay, we had a yummy meal of Fish & Chips and the stories continued.

This concluded the end of a very special day and we thank all of you that attended for your participation.

God Bless

Aileen & Murray