On March 7th/8th2020 the PFGM National Director team held their annual weekend at The Home of Compassion in Wellington.  Present at the weekend was  Brian Traynor CP, Gwen and Russ Winterscheidt from Brisbane PFGM, and representatives from each region around NZ.

Prior to the weekend each region was asked to prepare a report using the image of a fleet of boats to represent the Passionist Family Groups in their region. How many boats, what kind, size, etc? Then use the imagery of different weather to indicate the external effects on the fleet and general mood among those in the fleet.  And finally the imagery of health and well-being to describe how those carrying responsibility for the fleet are feeling and how others are affected by them.

Around the regions Parish Co’s met with their group coordinators and regions reps and enthusiastically offered input.

Each region uniquely presented their fleet report.  Props, butcher paper, power point and music mediums were used which was both informative and entertaining.

On the Saturday afternoon four young people were invited to be part of a conversation in which they shared their experience of church.   What effect’s their experience, being young in today’s church, what’s helpful and what is not.  Their sharing allowed those present to take a moment to walk in their shoes.  What we learnt was that young people valued being welcomed and spoken to in their Parish community.  Not so that they could be given a job but because there was genuine interest in getting to know them. Having information on topics and groups in the Parish newsletter or noticeboard was also appreciated.

On Saturday evening Penelope Van Der Lee led a session on self-care.  We acknowledge that many in leadership roles lead busy lives, juggling different responsibilities and commitments. Penelope invited those present to form groups and write down as many commitments they could think of that they had, on pieces of paper.  We were invited to carry those commitments between others in our group, with no paper touching another and at least two people touching each piece of paper. There was a lot of varying strategies and plenty of conversation and laughter!  Following this we explored what is self-care?  How much time do we devote to it.   How good are we at it ourselves?  How do we appear to others, when we take care of ourselves and how do we appear to others when we ignore self-care.  What did Jesus do to take care of himself?

On Sunday Pamela Arthurs from NOPS lead a question and answer session on safeguarding.

The weekend was concluded with Paul Traynor being commissioned in his role on the National team and Mass celebrated together.