This afternoon our PFG group got together via Zoom for a virtual get-together.  It was lovely to see each other and catch up on all the news.

Our PFG’s phone tree is working well, thank you for the suggestion.

Attached is a screen shot of our group who made it to the Zoom gathering  but before Lynne Toomey arrived (apologies to Lynne).  Some of us look much better than others in the photo but Colin couldn’t keep taking screen shots while we were all talking and enjoying our virtual time together in order to get everyone looking perfect!!!

I look the worst, but can cope!!!!

We are lucky in Mercy Parish, Dunedin South to have had on-line  Masses with different people in the Parish taking part in each Mass and Liturgy.  It’s been very creative rather than just our Parish Priest standing alone saying Mass, it’s felt much more like a celebration. This morning’s Easter Mass featured the children of our Parish so was really special.

Jan MacLeod