Morena – Good morning,

We have been through an array of Feasts that should stir us on and also point the way as to how we are called to follow Jesus. We had the Pentecost moment where the church is born and that birth was one of encounter and action to go out to others. Trinity Sunday the identification of the unity of God as we express in our blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Again a call for community to live and love like Jesus. A welcoming into intimacy with God – a union where we find hope, compassion and courage to move out to others in loving service. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi) this unifying moment where we are reminded of the ‘covenant pact’ – I will be your God and you will be my people.

It is and through these symbols that we can see the nature of loving God and neighbour in actions of what we call ‘Eucharist’ coming from a word ‘Berekah’ meaning to give thanks.

So, what has all these Feasts have in common – brotherhood and sisterhood – relational to the Jesus of the gospel. We are called to community and in and through this community we are called to be broken and poured out just as Jesus did through his death and resurrection.

Now, in all honesty as I look around I see more words, bells and whistles in terms of liturgical practice rather than a ‘synodal walk’. If we truly walk with each other, Eucharist is meaningful, in the sense,  that it calls us to recognise Jesus within our community. To come to the realisation that what we celebrate, calls us, to “go out – to the world, to evangelise and make Jesus known and we act in humility due to our reliance on God. 

So, this week let us firstly recognise the true brokenness around us – the cry of people with loss, the cry of people with mental health issues and concerns, they cry of those who are lost and lonely, the cry of those innocents, those who cry due to poverty, hunger and injustice, the cry of those torn apart due to war and violence, the cry of those whose countries are decimated and people violated as are their rights, the cry of people who ache for friendship, care, understanding, time, a listening ear and compassion.

These are the voices and concerns that should take central place at our ‘Eucharist’; thankful for who we are and what we can share. To ‘walk in understanding, love, justice and mercy.

Then those words of consecration will sear and burn within us with a zeal to go out! 

“26 vNow as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and wafter blessing it broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, “Take, eat; xthis is my body.” 27 And he took a cup, and when he yhad given thanks he gave it to them, saying, “Drink of it, all of you, 28 for xthis is my zblood of the1 covenant, which is poured out for amanybfor the  forgiveness of sins”Matt 26:26-28

Let us be broken and poured out in service of our community and those we encounter on the road this week. Bless the Lord! 10,000 Reasons – Bless the Lord      

Have a good week – God go with you

Nga Mihi

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 Scripture Reflection:  Feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of      Christ Year B, 2 June 2024.

‘Take it’, Jesus said. ‘This is my blood which is to be poured out for many.’



O God, who in this wonderful Sacrament have left us a memorial of your Passion, grant us, we pray, so to revere the sacred mysteries of your Body and Blood that we may always experience in ourselves the fruits of your redemption. 

First reading: Exodus 24:3-8
Responsorial psalm: Ps 115(116):12-13, 15-18
Second reading: Hebrews 9:11-15
Gospel: Mark 14:12-16, 22-26
Link to readings -Click here

The Feast of Corpus Christi is a celebration of the new covenant of Christ with his people: the covenant of his blood, where he offered himself as a perfect sign of his love for us. The First Reading is a description of the ritual that sealed God’s covenant with his people. In ancient times, blood was a symbol of life, and its sprinkling signifies the Israelites’ desire to participate in a relationship with God, to share his life and to become his people. Centuries later, the symbolism of this act was brought to an entirely different level by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

This relationship is taken up in the Psalm, where the covenanted people express their thanksgiving for all that God has done for them, and their readiness to fulfil their responsibilities to him. The Gospel narrative of the Last Supper tells of the new covenant, so much more wonderful and powerful than the old. Jesus’s action at the Passover table is a ritual that anticipates his brutal, yet life-giving, death. Christ’s deep compassion for humankind inaugurates this new covenant, a new relationship of love between God and his people.

The Second Reading reminds us that the blood of the new covenant is from God’s own Son, so we can literally share in Christ’s life, becoming the ‘blood sisters and brothers’ of Jesus, and children of the one Father. This week, we might pray with the author of this letter for help to purify our inner selves from dead actions, so that we do our service to the living God.    


Travel, meetings and catch ups this coming week:   I have returned home after visiting PFG representatives in different parishes and regions in the North Island. I appreciated the generosity of people with their time, hospitality, accommodation, sharing and the good work and ministry that continues through their commitment to the ‘aims and goals’ of Passionist Family Group Movement – I still have to cover New Plymouth and Palmerston North along with the South Island PFG’s. This is currently on hold as I attend to home duties and looking after and supporting Clare in the capacity of chief cook, cleaner and bottle washer.

John and Sarah Peacock – on the move

John and Sarah have been living in Helensville/Murawai for 40 years and are now going to move to Nelson where they will be five minutes from their daughter. It’s been a very difficult decision but it feels right. I spent a lovely couple of hours with them and there were in that short time plenty of good memories. The PFG’s have been growing and developing as the groups coordinators working with John and Sarah have seen their Murawai community grow and be open arms for so many people. They have a son in Auckland and have advised that they will be returning from time to time for family but also for their love of their nautical life. Blessings on them both and a big thank you for all the support they have given.


SYNOD CONSULATION DOCUMENT: Please find attached the feedback from the NZ Bishops Consultation and gathering of responses re the Synod. Also attached is what Passionist Family Groups responded with – just as a reminder. I thank John Kleinsman for his advice, support and direction in our PFG process – the good thing is that a few of our responses were picked up in this final document that will be shared for the Synod in Rome  in October 2024.                                        





Reminder: 5 Aims and Goals

  • share & celebrate life & faith 
  • support one another (especially in need)                            
  • reaching out to & include others
  • build community/extended family
  • show and give example to children     



Pease remember in your thoughts and prayer: 


  • Please remember Leanne Hintz daughter of Clair and Ray Hague from Levin. Leanne is currently in Masterton Masonic Hospital.
  • Robyn Burns (Hill) she is now home and the next part of recuperation begins. She has a long recovery time. Hope to see her this Thursday
  • Please remember Terry Nelson son of father Gray Nelson and daughter Catherine in your prayers Terry has been diagnosed with brain tumours. 
  • Pease remember Clare Corcoran (my wife) who undergoes a hip replacement on June 5th fingers crossed it happens this time – last one was cancelled the day before.
  • Please remember Terry Nelson son of father Gray Nelson and daughter Catherine in your prayers Terry has been diagnosed with brain tumours. 
  • Please keep Brian McFlynn in our prayers who is undergoing cancer treatment. Also, his wife Eleanor and their family in your prayers..
  • Please keep Brian Traynor in your prayers – he has greatly improved and now on the last week of his restful holidays. 
  • Please keep  Paul and Linda Darbyshire in your thoughts and prayer amid new challenges they face. They are in need of prayerful support. 
  • Please keep in your prayer Tim Bartell’s son, Sam who is currently in hospital. Prayerful support for Sue and Tom and mum Sue.
  • Please keep Jocelyn Bryant who is undergoing Chemotherapy also remember her husband Kevin and family, in your thoughts and prayer 
  • Please keep Christine Geoghegan and family in your thoughts and prayer.
  • Please keep in your prayer Leanne Hintz (Claire & Ray Hague’s  daughter. She is very unwell.
  • We give thanks for the successful operation. Wayne keep him and Mary Dorn in your prayers
  • Please keep Richard Gibbs in your prayer he continues to slowly improve. Remember his wife Sue who has just been a pillar over the past 3 years.
  • Please keep Robert van de Pas in your prayers – he continues to struggle with pain etc from Chronic Pancreatitis. Also Adriana his mother who is supporting him.
  • Please remember Preston and Jenny Epplett’s daughter she has just completed her course of chemotherapy
  • Please keep Debbi Davidson’s husband Bryan in your prayer 
  • Please keep Charlie and Maggi in your thoughts and prayer as they support their daughter and her partner
  • Please keep David, Victoria and baby in your prayers. There has been some positive progress and it now looks as if this baby will make it to full term. 
  • Please keep a Lisa Bowe (Adriana van de Pas’s daughter)who just delivered a baby daughter Grace Therese Hope – baby is doing well and Lisa recovering from a difficult time at birth but good.
  • Keep in mind all those who are struggling with various aspects of mental health.
  • Please remember Martin van der Wetering in your prayers as his health still is causing him grief and discomfort.
  • Please remember Phil Drew a former Passionist along with his wife Anne and family
  • Please keep in your prayers those who continue to  deal with the after effects of droughts on the horn of Africa. Also weather effects on other countries across the planet 
  • Please keep Bob Buckley in your prayers- 
  • Keep in prayer the people of Ukraine
  • Keep people in Gaza and Israel in your prayer – these acts from both sides have had a horrible effect on the innocent as always. 
  • Please pray for Dot and Neill Wilson (Invercargill) – their son-in-law Mark married to Dot’s daughter Anita has been diagnosed with aggressive brain tumour, Please keep in mind their daughter Bailey and son Taylor.
  • Remember Pat and Rod Carson 
  • Aidan son of Josie and Phil McIntyre –his parents are his caregivers.
  • Your own intentions



  • I was making a joke about retirement. It did not work.
  • The other day I bought a thesaurus, but when I got home and opened it, all the pages were blank. I have no word to describe how angry I am.
  • The owner of the tuxedo store kept hovering over me when i was browsing, so I asked him to leave me alone. He said, “Fine, suit yourself.”
  • Why did the egg have a day off? Because it was Fryday.
  • Have you ever heard about the kidnapping at school? It’s okay, he woke up.
  • I found a book called How to Solve 50% of Your Problems. So I bought 2.
  • Why did the coffee taste like dirt? Because it was ground just a few minutes ago.
  • Why did the Rolling Stones stop making music? Because they got to bottom of the hill.
  • What is the best present? Broken drums! You can’t beat them.


                      We are a “Family for All”