Morena – good morning,,

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost ,the fiftieth day after the Passover; a Feast that was known as the  Feast of Weeks . At this time ,it was a good time to travel thus explaining the number of countries mentioned in the reading from Acts. The Feats had two main significances 1. The giving of the Law to Moses on Mt Sinai and 2.agricultural -2 loaves were offered in gratitude for the ingathered harvest. It had one unique characteristic that there was to be no servile work (Lev 23:21 & Numbers 28:26). So, it was a holiday for all and the crowds on the street would have been greater than ever.

So, like many things in the Scriptures there are things that make sense and others we have to interpret or seek a deeper meaning for. But, out of this cultural experience there are reasons for celebrating and so, for us to understand how stories are applied to these circumstances. It is like faith – having an eye to see the deeper movement of God in our hearts and in our lives; that his presence, is not in concrete things . Rather, through our interactions with others and the experience of fellowship and from that belief that Jesus is risen and as the disciples attest, that Jesus remains with us in both spirit and in truth. This presence at Pentecost is filled with expectation with a strong sense that God’s spirit burns, in love and service.

This spirit is engaging and calling the disciples and us, to follow and accept the responsibility of taking the reins from Jesus and being his voice, his hand and his heart for the people around us. The disciples, now have to take up the cross believing and living in the sense of faith that God’s spirit is with them. As Scripture scholar, Michael Fallon MSC says, “Jesus showed it was possible for a man and woman to be free, that it is possible for them to love, it is possible to enjoy intimacy with God. Jesus showed the way (Jn14:4). He is now with the Father and he will also be with his disciples “in Spirit” “You will see me, because I live and you live in me” (Jn 14:19)

Johns gospel reminds us of two important things, things that become clear – that truth comes from God and the truth, that God is faithful in his love. This truth, is was revealed by Jesus as he gave his life for his friends. As we personally know from our life experiences the cross remains, as does suffering. We will have our trials just as we will have our joys; this is the fabric of following Jesus, recognising him in ourselves and importantly recognising him in others, in the injustices around us, in the people gathered with us. Pentecost, is reminding us of the Tradition of seeing and believing, in the living presence of Jesus, in the community which provides a source of unity.

This call to living community and a call to ‘the spirit’ is not one we take home for ourselves .However, it is a call to live and share in common, to recognise Jesus, and that all we do and say, strives to draw others into this relationship of compassion, care, support, service, mercy and forgiveness.  As Michael Fallon says, “it is listening that allows Jesus to speak his words through us; it is in breathing in of the Spirit of Jesus that makes it possible to breathe the same spirit out to others and bear fruits of love. It produces ‘joy’.”

The aim and goal of Passionist Family Groups is to live and share like the early Christians. So, all that is above is about us being like Jesus in welcoming and tolerating those who are different and be an example to others of god’s patience, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. We do this by supporting one another and keeping our minds and hearts open to ‘the spirit’.  “In so much as you did this to one of these little one you did it to me” (Matt 25)

Let’s keep encouraging and supporting each other and growing our ‘connectedness’ to each other and to our community. Thank you for all you do and how you share faith, love and service. You will be glad as I will not send any letter next week.

Have a god week – god go with you

Nga Mihi


Scripture reflection:  Pentecost Sunday Year B. 19th May 2024.            

Spirit of Truth



Today we celebrate the great day of Pentecost, when Christ filled the Church with the power of his Spirit and sent his followers out into the world to bring his peace, joy and mercy to all. 

First reading: Acts 2:1-11
Responsorial Psalm: Ps 103(104):1, 24, 29-31, 34
Second reading: Galatians 5:16-25
Gospel: John 15:26-27; 16:12-15.
Link to readings– click here

Today we celebrate the great day of Pentecost, when Christ filled the Church with the power of his Spirit and sent his followers out into the world to bring his peace, joy and mercy to all. The First Reading tells the story of what happened on the first Pentecost. With the advent of the Holy Spirit, the disciples are filled with its power and the Church is born. The barrier of language between peoples is removed as the whole community hears the wonders of God’s message. The atmosphere is one of an exuberant and joyful new beginning.

The Psalmist is a person of deep faith who sees that nature bears the fingerprints of the Creator. God’s Spirit is also the Spirit of renewal of life.

Paul compares the imprisoning consequences of self-centeredness and self-indulgence with the life-giving fruits of the Spirit. He reminds the Galatians that it was the presence of the Spirit dwelling within them who would guarantee that they live the true Christian life (Second Reading).

In the Gospel, Jesus promises that the Spirit – the Advocate – will come, and continue to be with them. He also invites his followers to begin to witness to the fullness of the Father’s message of love, with the guidance and companionship of the Advocate.

This week, let us pray for ourselves and for the Christian Church. We ask for a sense of rediscovery of what it means to be the people of God, and that our hearts and minds might be open to the Spirit of truth.


Formation-Reflection and moving forward:

 This is from my brother Brian – thought it was of real interest.

On Monday I watched a fascinating programme on Jayavaman 11, who founded the Khemer empire in Cambodia, unifying the civilization which remained dominant in mainland Southeast Asia from the 9th to the 15th century. Jayavaman combined guiding principles of compassion and care for all, to achieve an amazing society. Recent archaeological discoveries have revealed the amazing building programme he undertook including highways, temples and rest houses for travellers. What struck me was that all that time ago, his successor Jayavaman V11 continued what he began and built 102 hospitals across thousands of square kilometres, where monks and other trained experts assisted in physical or mental healing. Any citizen or traveller could seek free treatment, including accommodation from these hospitals and they were referred to as a place that ‘cures disease’.

  When the Angkor Wat temple was built 900 years ago at every gate of the city, there was a hospital. These hospitals consisted of a medical-care building where a physician could stay, a healing centre, and administration centre. In every hospital compound, there was  a temple (or shrine), built for people or doctors to worship and for the sick to pray, The overall structure and architectural design of each hospital was identical. Where the temple stood, the hospital stood. 

The hospital or doctor’s house was not a place to teach. It was a place to heal the sick and cure diseases. There were 102 such places that cured illness across Khmer Empire during the reign of King Jayavarman VII. Each hospital had to have two doctors, around eighteen nurses and medical assistants, guards, people in charge of boiling water, people who grinded medicine, rice and other materials. There were approximately 90 people engaged at a single hospital.

Because of the inscriptions from King Jayavarman VII’s years that have survived, more is known about the hospitals of his time, including the medications, their origins and management. Most of the medicines were imported from India. Others came from China, and some were grown locally. These medicines would go to the government. who distributed them. 

Medicinal plants and herbs could be grown around the hospital. Some ingredients were formed into small tablets, and carefully stored. Since these medicines were organic, they could only be kept for a short period of time. Each hospital had to visit the royal storage in Angkor City every three months to get fresh medicine. 

  The hospital was not only a place to cure diseases. It was also a charity-and-rescue centre like the present-day Red Cross. People prepared food and water at the hospital for the poor and needy who were allowed to eat there if they could not find food. The poor could also seek medicines. The hospitals provided shelter for the homeless who needed to stay. 

Higher degree of learning up to the university level for doctors, engineers, architects, and astrologists was available at the temples. The teachers or professors who taught at the temples were sponsored by the government and could support themselves from their salaries. 

That is just a brief description of what was an amazing medical-religious system, all those years ago. We are often surprised at the knowledge of people in various cultures in earlier eras. The Khemer had a medication and a practice for treating leprosy. All of this inclines us to be grateful for the advances in medicine and technology that we benefit from today and the training of medical personnel who provide the expertise and care. 







Reminder: 5 Aims and Goals

  • share & celebrate life & faith 
  • support one another (especially in need)                            
  • reaching out to & include others
  • build community/extended family
  • show and give example to children     


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Pease remember in your thoughts and prayer: 


  • Please remember Leanne Hintz daughter of Clair and Ray Hague from Levin. Leanne is currently in Masterton Masonic Hospital.
  • Please remember Terry Nelson son of father Gray Nelson and daughter Catherine in your prayers Terry has been diagnosed with brain tumours. 
  • Lease remember Clare Corcoran who undergoes a hip replacement but was cancelled due to Junior Doctor’s strike she is rebooked for June 5th fingers crossed it happens this time.
  • Please remember Terry Nelson son of father Gray Nelson and daughter Catherine in your prayers Terry has been diagnosed with brain tumours. 
  • Please keep Brian McFlynn in our prayers who is undergoing cancer treatment. Also, his wife Eleanor and their family in your prayers..
  • Please keep Brian Traynor in your prayers – he has improved and now on restful holidays. 
  • Please keep  Paul and Linda Darbyshire in your thoughts and prayer amid new challenges they face. They are in need of prayerful support. Paul last Sunday ran a temperature and now has Covid and recovering in Hospital.
  • Robyn Burns (Hill) in hospital for a two to three more weeks. She has a long recovery time. Also remember her husband Andrew and three daughters.
  • Please keep in your prayer Tim Bartell’s son, Sam who is currently in hospital. Prayerful support for Sue and Tom and mum Sue.
  • Please keep Jocelyn Bryant who is undergoing Chemotherapy along with her husband Kevin and family in your thoughts and prayer 
  • Please keep Christine Geoghegan and family in your thoughts and prayer.
  • Please keep in your prayer Leanne Hintz (Claire & Ray Hague’s  daughter. She is very unwell.
  • We give thanks for the successful operation. Wayne keep him and Mary Dorn in your prayers
  • Please keep Richard Gibbs in your prayer he continues to slowly improve. Remember his wife Sue who has just been a pillar over the past 3 years.
  • Please keep Robert van de Pas in your prayers – he continues to struggle with pain etc from Chronic Pancreatitis. Also Adriana his mother who is supporting him.
  • Please remember Preston and Jenny Epplett’s daughter she has just completed her course of chemotherapy
  • Please keep Debbi Davidson’s husband Bryan in your prayer 
  • Please keep Charlie and Maggi in your thoughts and prayer as they support their daughter and her partner
  • Please keep David, Victoria and baby in your prayers. There has been some positive progress and it now looks as if this baby will make it to full term. 
  • Please keep a friend in mind who is in the final stages of pregnancy and ordered to bed rest until baby is born. 
  • Keep in mind all those who are struggling with various aspects of mental health.
  • Please keep in mind a son of a friend of mine who has just been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
  • Please remember Martin van der Wetering in your prayers as his health still is causing him grief and discomfort.
  • Please remember Phil Drew a former Passionist along with his wife Anne and family
  • Please keep in your prayers those who continue to  deal with the after effects of droughts on the horn of Africa. Also weather effects on other countries across the planet 
  • Please keep Bob Buckley in your prayers- 
  • Keep in prayer the people of Ukraine
  • Keep people in Gaza and Israel in your prayer – these acts from both sides have had a horrible effect on the innocent as always. 
  • Please pray for Dot and Neill Wilson (Invercargill) – their son-in-law Mark married to Dot’s daughter Anita has been diagnosed with aggressive brain tumour, Please keep in mind their daughter Bailey and son Taylor.
  • Remember Pat and Rod Carson 
  • Aidan son of Josie and Phil McIntyre –his parents are his caregivers.
  • Your own intentions


  • What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk.
  • Why did the whale blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom.
  • Getting paid to sleep would be my dream job.
  • I used to be a banker, but I lost interest.
  • Why can’t you trust an atom? Because they make up everything.
  • I went to buy a pair of camouflage pants, but I couldn’t find any.
  • Why did the tomato blush? It saw the salad dressing.
  • I haven’t talked to my wife in a week — I didn’t want to interrupt her.
  • Why are pigs bad drivers? They hog the road.
  • I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed!
  • Why did police arrest the turkey? They suspected fowl play.
  • What do computers eat for a snack? Microchips.
  • How do frogs invest their money? They use a stock croaker.
  • Did you hear about the whale that swallowed a clown? It felt funny after.
  • The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.