Morena/Good morning, Morena/ Good morning,

The readings this weekend focus on parables that enlighten us on the onset of the Kingdom of God. Not something, ‘far off’ that we have to earn! Rather, a way to follow so we act in a way where we invite and join others in making that ‘kingdom’ come. Funny how we have been so focussed on earning a place, ‘in the kingdom’ or ‘heaven’ as if, it was somewhere way off or out there. But, again Matthew reminds us that the kingdom is, ‘here’ and we have to make our way through withstanding the good and the not so good. 

It is a timely reminder of the power of mercy and compassion where we judge less, be more tolerant and put away judgemental prejudice or religious bias. The kingdom, is for all and open to all. It’s not what we do but what God does in and through us – our gifts, talents, laughter, care and support are all ways where others see  discipleship in action. We are here not to condemn but to encourage and promote the good. St Paul, in the second reading cites that we do have weaknesses and that these allow us to see ’that there but for the grace of God, go I’.

Parables, remind us of the power of this ‘kingdom’ and how God can work through us despite our shortcomings – we need to hold on in faith and with love, open ourselves to others and be like leaven, work quietly in bringing God’s kingdom to fruition. The mustard tree shows what can come from a small seed. So, when we feel low or lost it is about trusting the message of Jesus and living as best we can as followers of Jesus. Put simply, let us connect with each other and take the things that divide us, away. 

Put simply let us connect with each other and take the things that divide us away. 

“Human values are fundamental to human existence and span across cultures, religions, nationalities, and classes. They are the positive, desirable qualities of character – such as honesty, integrity, tolerance, responsibility, compassion, altruism, justice, and respect – inherent in all human beings.

Or, as St Paul writes to the Colossians: “ You are God’s chosen race his saints; he loves you, and you should be clothed in sincere compassion, in kindness and humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with one another; forgive each other as soon as a quarrel begins. The Lord has forgiven you; nw you must do the same.” Col: 3:12-12

God go with you – Have a good week,


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Scripture reflection: Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 23 July 2023.                             The Spirit comes to help us in our weakness



Show favour, O Lord, to your servants and mercifully increase the gifts of your grace, that, made fervent in hope, faith and charity, they may be ever watchful in keeping your commands. 

First reading: Wisdom 12:13, 16-19
Responsorial Psalm: Ps 85(86):5-6, 9-10, 15-16
Second reading: Romans 8:26-27
Gospel: Matthew 13:24-43
Link to readings  – click here

God’s mercy and compassion are the themes running through today’s readings. The First Reading offers a description of God’s divine nature. The author emphasises God’s universal care and patience as signs of strength: characteristics that stand at odds with worldly values. In the midst of his troubles, the Psalmist also reflects on the qualities of the God of mercy and compassion.

In the Second Reading, St Paul tells of the consequences of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christian prayer. Even when prayer is difficult for us as finite and limited human beings, Paul encourages us to hand over our struggles to the Spirit who prays deeply in our hearts to our Father.

The Gospel shares three parables about growth, each seen from a different perspective. The first tells of the wheat and the weeds. It challenges us to recognise that sometimes we must learn to live with situations we don’t like, because the effort to remove or change them would do more harm than good. This is a shrewd picture of the patience and compassion needed to live with the ambiguities and complexities of human life.

Let us pray this week for a spirit of self-compassion in our frailty and limitations. We ask for the grace of deep humility and freedom to give of our best, and also to have faith in the God of surprises.


Reminder: 5 Aims and Goals 


  • share & celebrate life & faith 
  • support one another (especially in need)                            
  • reaching out to & include others
  • build community/extended family
  • show example to children                                                                                    

    Pease remember in your thoughts and prayer: 


  • Please keep Bernie Metcalfe and family in your prayers, Sadly, yesterday his wife Maree of 49 years suddenly died. Very sad and tragic. They were great support sand leaders of PFG’s in Victoria.
  • Please keep in prayer Emily and Jason – Emily who just had given birth but their baby is in critical care. 
  • Please keep in mind Merrilyn Barron who is unwell from Covid and awaiting furthers tests.
  • Please remember Sally van der Wetering We offer our prayer and support to Sally, Martin and her family and extended family. Also keep Martin inn your prayers as his health is not good currently.
  • Please remember Phil Drew a former Passionist who has had a massive stroke. Please remember his wife Anne and family
  • Please keep in your prayers those who continue to  deal with the after effects of Cyclone Gabrielle and other weather events. 
  • Keep in prayer the people of Ukraine
  • Please keep Somalia and the surrounding countries dealing with their sixth year in a row of drought.
  • Please keep Nick and Leah and daughter Heidi Darbyshire along with Paul and Linda in your thoughts and prayer.
  • Please pray for Dot and Neill Wilson (Invercargill) – their son-in-law Mark married to Dot’s daughter Anita has been diagnosed with aggressive brain tumour, Please keep in mind their daughter Bailey and son Taylor.
  • Remember Pat and Rod Carson 
  • Aidan son of Josie and Phil McIntyre – he is very sick and his parents are his caregivers.
  • Your own intentions


  • Why did the pony ask for a glass of water? Because it was a little horse.
  • Is there anything worse than when it’s raining cats and dogs? Yes, hailing taxis.
  • How many apples can you grow on a tree? All of them.
  • My manager told me to have a good day. So I didn’t go into work.
  • What do kids play when they have nothing else to do? Bored games.
  • What did the girl say to her fingers? I’m counting on you.
  • What kind of music do elves listen to? Wrap music.
  • What does cake and baseball have in common? They both need a batter.
  • When does Friday come before Thursday? In the dictionary.
  • What did the tree say when spring finally arrived? What a re-leaf.

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