Morena – Passionist Family Group members and friends,   

It has been a busy time of late involving a great deal of travelling. I want to thank all those who have shared their homes and family through generous and kind hospitality. I continued to be humbled and thankful as to do this work would not be possible if it were not for these people and their extension of warmth, love and service. 

These connections are critical and remind me constantly how different Family Group ministry would be if it was reliant on me doing this by myself. Our brain is a web of ‘connections’ allowing us to think, sense, talk, laugh, speak and express a variety of actions and emotions. It’s a marvel to ponder the magic of being human and seeing through faith the power of love and service. We are so blessed to be with people who seek to live the gospel through our Passionist Family Groups.

Please choose to be different from the world around us which is more and more isolated and suffers from loneliness. We have built walls that keep others out and in a sense keeps them in. The gospel is clear eg Matthew 28 -Go out and make disciples of all nations. Jesus calls us to not hold back – love one another. Live our aims and goals as you do and see that there is infinitely more we can do. Service is central through compassion, mercy and justice.

Have a good week,



Reminder: 5 Aims and Goals 


  • share & celebrate life & faith 
  • support one another (especially in need)                            
  • reaching out to & include others
  • build community/extended family
  • show example to children


Scripture Reflection: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, 16 October 2022.

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Lectionary readings
First reading: Exodus 17:8-13
Responsorial Psalm: Ps 120(121)
Second reading: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2
Gospel: Luke 18:1-8.

Link to readings – click here

INTRODUCTION The theme that links the First Reading, from the Book of Exodus (17:8-13) and the Gospel (Luke 18:1-8) today is clearly that of perseverance in prayer. The Gospel in fact expresses this clearly when it has Jesus introduce a parable about ‘the need to pray at all times and not lose heart’.

The episode told in the First Reading, Exodus 17:8-13, occurred, according to the Book of Exodus, early in the desert wandering of Israel following the deliverance from Egypt. The climax of that deliverance came when Moses, on God’s instruction, lifted up his staff over the sea. At this the Throughout my life I have always kept busy. 

waters parted, allowing the Israelites to escape. When they were safe on the other side, Moses again lifted up his hands and the waters returned to engulf the pursuing Egyptians.

In the present episode Israelite confronts another enemy, the Amalekites. The victory is gained in a similar way. When Moses lifts up his staff, God fights for the Israelites and they prevail. But when he wilts and his hands droop, the fortunes of battle reverse. So, Aaron and Hur support Moses, holding up his hands until, as the sun is setting, Joshua gains the victory for Israel.

In the Christian tradition the episode has always been taken as a symbol of perseverance in prayer: when people pray they open themselves up to the power of God; when, through weariness or discouragement, their prayer begins to wilt, they move away from that source of strength. The assistance Aaron and Hur render to Moses shows how believers must support each other in prayer – especially as persevering in that exercise can often be a trial of faith.

The parable making up the Gospel appears to commend praying to God with the kind of persistence displayed by the widow in her dealings with the judge. But it hardly means to suggest that God needs to be worn down like the judge. Basically, it commends an attitude of trust in God that would motivate such persistence in prayer – even when the answer seems a long time coming.



Recent travels have meant visits to Hastings, New Plymouth, Te Awamutu, Paeroa, East Coast Bays then two days of meeting with the Passionist Family Group Trustees. The photo below is of the Trustee’s of the Passionist Family Group Trust and we acknowledged the incredible contribution that Lynn and Rob Hill have given to the Movement over the past 34 years. I first met Rob and Lynn in 1988 and I continue to be staggered by how much they have given to the Passionist Family Group Movement in Aotearoa. Their work has created a great network of love, service, humour and friendship showing and informing people that we are a “Family for All”.My brother, Brian came over from Melbourne to acknowledge on behalf of the Passionist Congregation Lynn and and Rob as well as catching up and thanking in person the previous National Coordinators John and Mary Ellen Leen and Paul and Linda Darbyshire who stepped down in June 2021.

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After the Trustees meeting I will travel across to Mount Maunganui and follow on to an evening meeting in Whakatane and then home on Friday 14th to home. Its been a long time away but very worthwhile.

Coming Up: Napier, Hastings and Havelock North on October 17 & 18th; Feast of Paul of the Cross on October 19. Otaki celebrate their 30th Anniversary on October 30th. I am going up to celebrate with them and speak st the mass with a shared lunch to follow.

 The East Coast Bays relaunch was last weekend 24/25 September. We had eight enrolments handed in but there were around 30-40 taken so we will have to await to see what replies come in. I extend my thanks to Lindsay Brand and her team for the work they have put in to readying the parish for this occasion. Also, thanks to Fr Emile for his ongoing support. 




pastedGraphic_7.png    Pease remember in your thoughts and prayer: pastedGraphic_8.png

  • Paul Darbyshire (Linda and family) Paul has operation coming up on 28th October
  • Gerard and Linda Daly – tragic loss of their son, Brett Keep the family in your prayer.
  • Boyd Dunlop (Judith and family)
  • Paeroa PFG lost their dear friend and long time member Liz Taylor
  • Wilma Schimanski and family
  • Julie Neve her two children, family and friends. – Julie is mending
  • Please remember Carmel Cole’s family– she and her late husband Don we long time benefactors of “The Fort” (Passionist Retreat in Brisbane)
  • Remember Fr Ray Sanchez CP – for his health concerns
  • Your own intentions


  • What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.”
  • “Why didn’t the skeleton climb the mountain?” “It didn’t have the guts.”
  • “What do you call it when a snowman throws a tantrum?” “A meltdown.”
  • “How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles.”
  • “I have a joke about chemistry, but I don’t think it will get a reaction.”
  • “What concert costs just 45 cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickelback!”
  • “What does a bee use to brush its hair?” “A honeycomb!”
  • “How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it.”


   pastedGraphic_10.png    “A Family for All”