Dear Passionist Family Group members and friends,                

In this post Easter period is a time to understand the ‘passion’ in our own lives and the lives of others. This resurrection experience deepens our belief that the promise that Jesus will be with us is real, not imagined. The remarkable events witnessed by the early church community in this post resurrection period are a reminder of having faith, trust, and the belief, to carry others with us, as we move forward. To recognise Jesus in our service of others.

Look at the tenacity and strength from the Ukrainian people their lives under immense pain and suffering yet working together to survive in horrific circumstances. We vividly see the ugly and sad side of war. It’s always the little people who are at the greatest risk and in this tussle, homes and cities have been destroyed and for what one may ask.

We are still dealing with the effects of Covid and new variants along with the huge amount of disinformation which makes it very difficult to navigate our way. The sense of risk and fear is still very high and many people are still afraid to venture too far which is understandable.

Yet, what are we connected to? For what reason do we allow the fear to dominate, to not trust that God, is with us. Yes, like the people who have left Ukraine and those who remain it is scary. Yet, there are signs of hope through people opening up their homes and welcoming them in and others who have left their homes to be there in Ukraine to support and care. Eg Shelter Box (

As we age we can be fearful that things are changing and it is a threat to what is. The message of the gospel continues to challenge us to go out. Our response, is that our church can be experienced in a different way but are we just talking sacramentally? How are we doing in visiting, caring, supporting, contacting our fellow parishioners and in particular those in our Passionist Family Groups. How are we a leaven that showing that Jesus is alive as the promise of the resurrection attests.

We have seen wonderful things through our Passionist Family Groups and we are in a place where we need to be transformed. We must see that the ways we did things before are not working and we are not as young as we once were. Many people are not seeing the church as a place of welcome or a place that is meaningful for them and their family. What are we not living? What are we not showing?

Whatever our age or circumstance there is always something we can give and offer. To be a sign, we need to re-evaluate why we are here. To make every effort to connect to one another and invite, inform  and communicate to others what and who we are. Our aims and goals can be lived and if done then we open our lives to the pain and sorry of others and welcome them to our family. Family, the place where ones is accepted and loved for who they are not what we want them to be.

We can engage and serve, that has been shown through every Family Group in Aotearoa. It is not a time to rest on our laurels. Rather, a time to reconnect to our aims and goal and be open to see the risen Jesus in our midst and respond to that accordingly.

Things are not the same but we need to engage with a process of transformation which requires, an openness to trust what God can do with us, for us, and importantly, through us. Keep moving forward and keep doing the good things you are to brings life, laughter, hope and community through hospitality, lived faith and hospitality.

On The aims and Goals:

  • No 1: Share & celebrate life & faith
  • No 2: Support one another (especially in need)
  • No 3: Reaching out to & include others
  • No 4: Build community/extended family
  • No 5: Show example to children


As the founder of Passionist Family Groups, Fr. Peter McGrath, once said, Passionist Family Groups do not take away the pain or struggles of life. Rather, help us to live as followers of Christ.” How can it be  Lauren Daigle Rescue

Have a good week and God go with you.


Blessings and prayer, Paul


Third Sunday of Easter Year C, 1 May 2022

Let praise the Lord for all the signs of resurrection around us.


Lectionary readings:

First reading: Acts 5:27-32, 40-41
Responsorial Psalm: Ps 29(30):2, 4-6, 11-13
Second reading: Apocalypse 5:11-14
Gospel: John 21:1-19
Link to readings:                  click here

In this Easter season, we see the strength of those who have witnessed the resurrection. Through them, we too witness the love of the risen Christ and power of his resurrection, even in times of terror and persecution.

In the First Reading we see the Apostles, despite the threat of persecution, bravely announcing that Jesus is risen. The Second Reading transports us to a vision of heaven. The author of the Apocalypse shares a vision where the whole of heaven and all of creation bows before the ‘Lamb that was sacrificed’. Our Gospel passage relates how the risen Christ shows himself to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias, and how he challenges Peter to affirm his love three times.

Perhaps this week we, too, can praise the Lord for all the signs of resurrection around us, as we see the mystery of his Passion and resurrection in our world. We also continue to pray for peace across the world, and especially for the people of Ukraine and eastern Europe.

Humour:   Dad Jokes About Technology

What does a baby computer call his father?


Did you hear about the power outlet that got into a fight with a power cord?
He thought he could socket to him.


Why did the computer have no money left?
Someone cleaned out its cache!


What’s a computer’s favorite snack?


Why was the robot so tired after his road trip?
He had a hard drive.


What do you call monkeys with a shared Amazon account?
Prime mates.


Why should you never use “beef stew” as a password?
It’s not stroganoff.


What do you call your grandma’s number on speed dial?


What’s another name for an iPhone power cord?
Apple juice.

What do you call a video game rematch?