Family Group Members from around the world have contributed to the Mass.  The link to the Mass is:

The Passionist Family Group Movement is a major ministry of the Passionists Holy Spirit Province and it has certainly been a major ministry of mine for 35 years. At a time when people are talking so much about personal contact, the PFGM has that as a primary aim – to create a Family from a small group of families, couples or individuals.                   Each Passionist Family Group is in fact what St Paul would have called an ecclesial (church) community, with the focus of creative fellowship that is totally inclusive – hence the motto  “A Family for All”.

The numerical strength of the Movement is in Australia and New Zealand, but there are PFG’s in the UK and USA.

A number of years ago it was recommended that the Movement celebrate on an international level on the first Sunday in May. This year, inspired and organised principally by Gwen Winterscheidt, the celebration will take the form of a pre-recorded PFG Mass celebrated at our community in Brisbane by Ray Sanchez CP, who has also been involved with PFG’s since before his ordination in 1992.

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With thanks to Gwen, Ray and Barbara Lunnon in particular, as well as the others both near and afar who have contributed to this exercise.

Brian Traynor CP