The 2017 PFG Formation Day for the Hawkes Bay region was held on Sunday May 7th at the St Peter Chanel Hall, Hastings and was attended by approximately seventy people. The presenter was Fr Brian Traynor.

The topics covered were modern marriage, ageing, and Conscience and moral decision-making.  Many thought provoking ideas were presented and in the days following the meeting very positive feedback was received from numerous people.  The topics covered issues that were clearly of concern to many people.  People found the sessions not only thought provoking but also reassuring, as Fr Brian explained the position of the teachings of the church and the Pope’s directives as we face rapid change in today’s society.

Supporting our family group members to remain inclusive of younger people while our groups ‘age’ into older active members is a relevant response to what was talked about during the session. The day also highlighted how important it is for parishioners to remain encouraging and supportive (without prejudice) of those who have experienced marriage breakdown at whatever age so they remain fully involved in church & church ministry – and perhaps to talk about the annulment process as part of the healing Pope Francis seeks from us as church.

Also during the day Lynn and Rob Hill were fare welled and Linda & Paul Darbyshire were welcomed as the new National Directors.  Fr Brian also commissioned Norma Bellamy and Mary and Peter Arnold as members of the new Regional team for Hawkes Bay.  A special thanks was also given to Preston and Jenny Epplett for their many years of service as Regional coordinators.