Hawkes Bay Formation May 22nd.

As is our continued experience, a great turnout of 55 gathered for Formation presented by Paul Traynor on Saturday May 22nd in Napier.

Those who came represent a community who have lived ‘Gospel love’ through the Passionist Family Group Movement for 30 years.  The Mass centres of St Patrick’s- Napier, Taradale-Napier and St Peter Chanel-Hastings all celebrate their 30th year anniversaries in 2021.

The Amazonian PACT, Interconnectedness, diversity & belonging along with Consumerism were the topics covered.

Through family groups with the support of others we are encouraged to change with the times.  We are called to recognise and celebrate the interconnectedness of all humanity and creation.  Let’s respect the diversity of cultures and religious traditions, and challenge consumerism by adopting a simple and sober lifestyle by identifying with those who have nothing: reducing garbage and plastics, and using public transport were the messages of the day.

A questionnaire inviting feedback on the effects Covid 19 has had on individuals, our families, church, community and world was distributed.

There is no doubt a wide mix of feelings and experiences exist among us.

Certainly the world impact of Covid is a shocking reality in which we feel helpless and sad, with some becoming immune to the effects as the impact has not personally affected them.  NZ has been lucky!

None the less working with each other to keep everyone safe is paramount.  This can be frustrating when the Media and Politicians resort to blaming and finding fault and negativity rather than encouraging and working together.

As individuals and community we can find opportunities to reach out and stay connected to those who are lonely or frightened.  Praying, offering support, talking with neighbours, treating everyone no matter of race/disability with respect and admitting our own helplessness but doing what we can is a way forward.  Sharing a smile!

Jesus said ‘Be not afraid’!

Let’s Trust in the Lord! Let it go, let God!

In conclusion Paul Traynor expressed to those present  “I appreciate what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Well done and keep it up!  As we transition into the future we are here to support you, but thank you because of how well you are already supporting those in your groups.”

Living Gospel love is not always easy and has only been possible because people are open, inviting, accepting and forgiving, they have faith, lead by the Spirit in being generous with their time and talents; not just when it pleases them or when they have spare time but by ‘giving up’ what they want to do to help others in need.

To those who attended the day, thank you for sharing your food and insights.

And thanks Norma Bellamy and Pat Carson for your hospitality, organising the day, and for your continued support to the people of the region, it’s much appreciated.


Linda Darbyshire