By Ireen Crossan – Parish of New Plymouth

Good morning Family Group

Today, Good Friday, we would usually be with Janice and Lindsay enjoying Hot Cross buns. Instead we are confined to our little bubbles, perhaps enjoying supermarket hot cross buns.

Its Easter. It’s different but it’s the same. I thought perhaps Family Group members may wish to communicate with each other at this time, letting us be sure that everyone is well and safe.

If I was technically savy and enthusiastic about social media I would suggest a Facebook page or a messenger group, but I’m going to settle for an email.

For me I am fine in my bubble. The Parish Office staff are working from home. I am generally just continuing with my normal work and partly involved with the Parishioner outreach. Emailing the newsletter and United has taken some hours. The limitations of my computer software  has revealed itself.  Week 1, the IT person said “Try this”. Week two he said “Well try this”  another time consuming approach which gave limited success. Yesterday he used the words corrupted which is always a bit heart stopping. However, its all a process and the final outcome will be slick, I hope.

I sit at one end of the dining room surrounded by all the files which are usually tidily lined in a closed cupboard in the office. Simon has lent me a printer as next week I am going to print the tax receipts when they are reconciled. That is after completing the GST as the IRD claims the first priority.

Radio NZ accompanies me at volume 7. I know the presenters by name now. One O’clock each day we go the Beehive to listen to Ashely Bloomfield and Jacinta Ardern. Hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I wouldn’t have known who Ashley Bloomfield was. Now he seems like a friend.

I go for a walk every day and seem to meet lots of parishioners. Today,  (no work today so I could walk for longer) and I stood high on Huatoki street looking down at the bush. It was so still and quiet and wonderful. Just me, and birds and the bush. It was so quite I could not only hear the birds sing but I could hear them move in the trees and leaves dropping.

My cupboards are stocked. A little bubble doesn’t need much. All the luxuries like the cream for porridge and dates and Easter eggs and the posh muesli  are gone and won’t be replaced.

My children are ok.  Simon in London said the only time he had been outside in several  weeks, was to take the rubbish out. And then he met a fox at the rubbish tins who stood there and sized Simon up.

So that’s me. And although everything is fine for me, even in my own extended family, my lovely nephew with a 24 year career as a pilot, suddenly finds himself without a job, another 54 years now no job.

This is sobering. Life isn’t just going to go back to what it was. Lets hope we can help those whose lives aren’t going to be easy to pick up.

Please if you would like, Reply All, and let us all know that all the Family Group members are self and well.

And for Sunday, Happy Easter – Ireen

Attached a photo of Big Ted and Mannie standing guard at my working at home office window.  Actually Big Ted I bought after Mass 38 years ago, at Our Lady of Lourdes Shamrock St PN. There was a big collection of handmade stuffed toys on sale. They had been made by inmates (would be of Linton prison in those days). I think it was a project for the inmates and must have been linked to the church somehow.  

My new workspace!