Passionists in Marlborough Parish

Marlborough Parish, Te Whetu O te Moana, Star of the Sea, encompasses the Catholic Communities
of Blenheim, Havelock, Kaikoura, Picton, Renwick, Seddon, Ward. We define our territory as being
“From the Sounds to the Sea, the Mountains to the Plains.” The area includes the Mountains to the
South, much of that Molesworth Cattle Station.

The Passionists have been in Blenheim since 2013. Initially we had pastoral responsibility for
Blenheim Parish and it’s for 4 Catholic Churches and communities. Since 1 February 2016, the three
former parishes of the region were brought together to form the new Parish of Te Whetu O te
Moana, Star of the Sea, Marlborough.

From 1 February 2017 the resident Passionists are Fr Pat McIndoe CP (Community Leader &
Assistant PP) and Fr John Pearce CP (Parish Priest). Due to the earthquake landslides from 14
November 2016, Fr Julian Wagg is Assistant PP in residence in Kaikoura. He is a diocesan priest from
Wellington. The three of us work as a team across this extensive parish, connecting often by plane
from Blenheim to Kaikoura until the road re-opens in December 2017. Our work is varied. Some of it
is the normal sacramental and pastoral work of parishes. Other works are assisting in the formation
and development of this new parish across the north east of the South Island. The parish is a mixture
of extensice vineyards, cattle and sheep farms, as well as the coastal fishing industry.

Other Passionists from Australia also work in New Zealand. Fr Brian Traynor CP lives in Melbourne
and is a member of the NZ Family Groups Leadership Team. He assists in Formation and Parish
Retreats, as does Brisbane based Fr Ray Sanchez CP.

All four are members of the Passionists, Holy Spirit Province, with members living and working in
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

Contact: Passionist Community, 61 Maxwell Rd, Blenheim 7201
Tel: (03) 578 0038
FaceBook: Star of the Sea Marlborough